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Small seed, big return

I do a happy dance when the first seedlings push their way through the soil and say hello! It's mind boggling really that a teeny tiny seed can hold all the information to create a new plant that will provide us with easy, fresh food. I sometimes look at some seeds, like dill for example, and think how can you produce anything....but they do and I'm in awe!

This month we have been sowing seeds in our propagator and impatiently looking every morning to see what has happened! So far we have nasturtium, padron peppers, apache chilli peppers, kale, borage, lovage, dill, basil and the first tomatoes coming through. We are focusing on the things we know we love to eat as well as some new things for this year to experiment with, such as the nasturtium. The seeds germinated in about seven days and the seedlings have been potted up and are sitting on our kitchen windowsill enjoying the recent sunshine.....we will definitely be using these in our supper club dishes - they add a zingy, peppery flavour, and of course look pretty too. You can use every part, leaves, flowers and seed pods which I am told you can pickle and they taste just like capers so will definitely be trying this.

Nasturtium seedlings at 10 days old

At 4 weeks - they grow so fast!

I'm not sure why the leaves are patchy! I've googled and it seems to suggest under or over watering - which is helpful! So fingers crossed this won't matter too much, but if anyone knows for sure please get in touch!

We'll report more once we have some flowers and have taste tested a few dishes with them.

Next for sowing are courgette, lettuce, runner beans and more tomatoes and once we feel confident enough there won't be anymore frost we will start planting radish and beetroot straight into the ground. We are usually a bit eager at this stage and plant things outside too soon but going to try really hard this year to hold back.....we'll let you know how we get on!

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