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Moortown Kitchen begins...

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

We are really excited to host our first supper club and have been planning and testing menus for a few months now. We will announce the date for the first night very soon.

I'm currently working on a gooseberry sorbet using last years gooseberries; we got so many and there is only so much fool two people can eat.

Running a supper club has been something we have talked about doing for many years and have finally got the nerve and space to give it a try. We are food geeks, who love cooking for others and trying new things. We moved to Leeds a few years ago and found a home that had the potential for hosting a supper club as well as a garden where we could start to grow some of the ingredients ourselves. So a few years later here we are! Nervous, excited and hungry.....

More information about the first supper club and what we've been growing and cooking to come soon

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